Woman holding cross body chain handbag

Franchi & La Sera began in 1995 with the design of their trendy handbag and novelty bag collections.  Franco Franchi comes from a deep background in retailing. As former head of the European operation for Associated Merchandising Corporation, he built up a network of materials suppliers and manufacturing contacts throughout the world. So, when he decided to start his own company to design, manufacturer and sell handbags, he knew exactly who he wanted to work with and where to go.

Throughout the years, Franchi and La Sera have grown in popularity along with their collections.  Favored for both their elegant and contemporary appeal, the bags have been featured in well-known publications such as WWD, Elle, Lucky, Glamour, New York Magazine, and the New York Times Sunday Style section.

The designs are translated into handbags in the Far East from a variety of high quality materials - Italian leather, fabric from the Orient and Filipino straws. Using a sometimes surprising combination of materials, Franchi handbags are distinctively fresh and never boring.

Clutch handbag