• First image in slideshow of two girls in capelli new york accessories
  • Second image in slideshow of girl holding camo bead print clutch
  • Third picture in slideshow. A collage of capelli new york rainwear
  • Fourth image in slideshow. Young boy in capelli new york rainwear.
  • Fifth image in slideshow. Collection of Capelli New York home accessories.
  • Last image in slideshow. Shows girl in Capelli New York jewelry

One of the fastest growing companies in today’s junior and contemporary markets, Capelli New York designs, manufactures and markets on-trend private label and branded fashion products for Women, Men, Teen, Tweens and Kids. Founded in 1990 and based in New York City, the company’s coordinated product lines include fashion accessories, jewelry, hosiery, footwear, rainwear, Personal Protection Equipment, athletic gear, fitness, sleepwear, home fashion, and novelty gifts.


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